You've reached the website of frances soong, a creative soul in the SF Bay Area working for startups everywhere. Currently, finessing UI designs, improvising Product Management, and drawing sketchnotes live. Available for co-creative coaching opportunities and part-time consulting work.

This past year, I've unique opportunities to translate Cantonese for the Women's Building, to collaboratively educate Under30Changemakers on Impact Measurement, and to work as a Product Designer at Carbon Five. Before that, I shared spaces with conscious founders while Design Consulting with Hylo, confidently executed Engagement & Innovation Dashboard Designs at Brightidea, interviewed designers about UX Role(s), and shared responsibilities with enlightened men on Wikipedia Indicators of Gender Inequality. I'm challenging startup founders and innovative managers to grapple with tough issues and insecurities. In the process, I learn how to face my own.

Find links to more of my curious thoughts and past work below or email me at