Frances Soong is a creative soul in San Francisco available for hire with impact-driven enterprises and co-creative collaborators as your product designer, design consultant, or live sketchnotes artist.

credit sesame

In-House UI Designer | Mobile Web Home + Marketplace


Freelance Design Consultant | Story + Experience Mapping

fertility IQ

Product Designer with Carbon Five | Web App + Style Guide
Most recently, I've been improvising Product Management, finessing UI designs, and crafting UX flows. Before that, I helped teach Impact Measurement to Under30Changemakers after learning a lot as a Product Designer at Carbon Five.

I've also shared spaces with conscious founders while Design Consulting with Hylo, confidently delivered visuals for Engagement & Innovation Dashboard Designs at Brightidea, interviewed designers about UX Role(s), and shared responsibilities with enlightened men on Wikipedia Indicators of Gender Inequality.

My work involves challenging startup founders and innovative managers to grapple with tough issues and vulnerabilities. In the process, I'm face my own.

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"How to be a Good Accountability Buddy" in 16 mins